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With A Union You Have Rights

When your employer buys a product, he strikes a bargain with the seller. He may make an offer, but the selling price ism’t necessarily the same as either the offering price or the asking price.

That’s the way U.S. business is conducted. Nobody finds anything wrong with bargaining over the price.
It’s different only when it comes to your wages and working conditions, unless you have a union.

WITHOUT A UNION, the employer sets the wages because the average worker is in no position to do anything about it. Alone, you have no bargaining power.

What’s true about wages is equally true of other benefits and working conditions. Without a union, the employer decides on holiday pay, vacations, medical and sickness benefits, and even whether your length of service on the job counts.

WITHOUT A UNION, you can complain about unfair treatment, but the boss doesn’t have to do anything about it. He can even fire you for complaining.

FAIR PLAY is the American way and Federal Law recognizes that your best chance of getting a fair bargain is by forming a union,


WITH A UNION, the employer must bargain and pay wages negotiated.
WITH A UNION, your rights on the job are spelled out and must be respected.
WITH A UNION, you can stop abuses on the job. The union can prevent unfair treatment. It gives you representation on the job and the right to file grievances if you are treated unfairly.
WITH A UNION, you can negotiate for better wages, holiday pay, vacations, health and pension benefits, and job conditions.
WITH A UNION, you have a greater security on your job. The employer can’t fire you without good reason and he must respect your length of service if there are layoffs.

But it’s up to you to make a bargain. Bargaining will work for you if you want it to work.

The union is your bargaining agent. Your dues are nominal and the returns are great. Your membership is a bargain in any person’s language.

Paying dues is like paying premiums on an insurance policy – where you don’t have to die to have it pay off. You collect the benefits everyday of your working life.