Energy is our expertise!

The IBEW is vigorously working toward a clean energy future and we’re not just advocating; we’re innovating. Partnering with industry leaders and shaping cutting-edge training programs. Our efforts span grass roots work to Capitol Hill, and our engagement in the energy evolution continues to have a positive impact. Good, clean energy jobs are good for society.

Emerging technologies and proven clean resources are just the beginning. The IBEW is not only working to ensure that projects come to fruition but that these technologies create good paying jobs.

Efficient project implementation hinges on skill, productivity, professionalism, and expertise – areas where the IBEW excels! As a result, our members in the clean energy sector are employed by a wide range of companies.

Earn a great living, learn a skilled trade AND help make the world a better place. IBEW members are powering our clean energy future. IBEW is on the cutting edge of clean energy technologies. At every stage of clean energy there is an IBEW member at work.

  • Solar
  • Wind – Onshore and Offshore
  • Energy Tax Credits
  • Charging Stations for Electric Cars, Buses and Trucks
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • Microgrids
  • Geothermal Power Plants
  • High-Speed Rail
  • Carbon Capture
  • Advanced Manufacturing 
  • Infrastructure

Wondering how you can help with climate change? By being part of and working with the IBEW you can move toward an innovative and sustainable future!

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We make safety our number one priority
We meet or exceed safety standards
We are attentive and focused on the job
We look out for each other
We have the courage to speak up
sparq 1
We work to the best of our abiliities
We treat people recpectfully
We take pride in our work ethic
We take care of tools and equipment
We respect workplace rules and expecation
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We are accountable for our actions
We take ownership of our workand workplace
We are committed to continuous improvement
We are productive and effective
We take personal responsibility for our work
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We are supportive and helpful
We speak openly, honestly and respectfully
We respect differences and celebrate diversity
We demonstrate teamwork
We share knowledge
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We take pride in our work
We do the job right the first time
We meet or exceed expectations
We take the time to tdo the job properly
We focus on quality

The industries we represent have changed a lot over the years and the IBEW is committed to evolving with them. Through SPARQ, the Code of Excellence, the IBEW Market Advancement Initiative, and modern IBEW Policies we are partnering with employers all across the U.S. and Canada. The IBEW has grown for the past 12 straight years and we are doing so through partnering with employers. We maintain our commitment to providing all members with the best training and furnishing contractors with the highest skilled journeypersons, registered apprentices, and trainees.